Top 10 Redmi Note 4 Disadvantages that will hurt Xiaomi

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  1. John Ryan says:


    This is a total crap review, Probably by some Apple ‘Fanboy’ or some beneficiary of them.
    The ‘TITLE’ of this review is grossly misleading and designed to throw mud on the popularity of Xiaomi.

    I am a long term user of Xiaomi and Huawei phones. It is proven beyond any doubt that they make the best phones in terms of value, performance and battery life.

    Even in this review there are more positive points than negative. THEN WHY CHOOSE SUCH A MISLEADING TITLE FOR THIS REVIEW??

    (Rooting and RAM management never matters for a normal user. If you Don’t like black, it is your personal problem, Not everyones. In India which customer service you feel is better!!?)

    You can see the honesty of reviewer by his own words – He has sold a defective phone to his friend!!
    Don’t believe all this negative publicity push, I strongly suspect reviewer is in the ‘payroll’ of some other brand.

    Best regards,

    1. Devendra says:

      I’ll approve this comment. 🙂

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